Continuous Video Lighting Comparison

Continuous Video Lighting Comparison

In this video we compare four different continuous video lighting options, perfect to produce high quality, professional YouTube videos.

The four different options we discuss include, A Fluorescent Bulb Double Softbox Lighting Setup, 2x LED Panels (2x Aputure AL-528W LED Panels), The Spectrum Aurora Diamond Luxe LED Ring Light and a full three point lighting setup which includes the Spectrum Ring Light and 2x Fluorescent Softboxes.

Finding the correct lighting setup for videos is important to increase the production value and professionalism of your video / YouTube content. Different continuous lighting setups provide different results.

A quick breakdown of all four options include:

Fluorescent Softboxes
– Wide, even light with a square catch light.
– Softer light and not as harsh however some detail loss due to less light ouptput
– Very slight vignette
– No dimming or power adjusting

LED Panels (Aputure AL-528W)
– Square catch light
– Harsher vignetting but aesthetically pleasing light drop off
– Stronger direct light therefore more detail in the shot
– Softboxes / Diffusion Sheets can be purchased separately to mimic softbox light spread
– Dimmable so power output can be controlled and adjusted to suit the shot

LED Ring Light (Spectrum Aurora Diamond Luxe Ring Light)
– Round catchlight therefore more suitable for portrait / cropped shots with a pleasing wrap around affect
– Not enough light for a wider shot however perfectly paired with side lights for a complete three point lighting setup.
– Aesthetically pleasing round catch light seen in subject’s eyes
– Soft lighting for face / head shots and as used by several YouTubers.

Complete 3-Point Lighting Setup
– Provides enough output for even lighting for most shots (cropped, half body, full body etc..)
– Allows for versatility of lighting setup. Position one light as a key light, fill light and/or background light.
– Provides ample lighting for a crisp, detailed shot.

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