Commercial LED Lighting Solutions Insight 3 of 3 – Why Independence LED?

Commercial LED Lighting Solutions Insight 3 of 3 – Why Independence LED?

This is the third presentation of a three part series, narrated by Charlie Szoradi, the CEO of Independence LED Lighting. This LED insight focuses on Why Us, in choosing Independence LED Lighting Solutions Group over other LED lighting solutions providers. The other presentations in the series focus on why it makes sense now to use LED lights, and the advantages of picking a partner rather than navigating the complexity of picking LED lighting products for retrofits or new construction.

This presentation points out that retrofit experience counts and includes a roster of Independence LED Lighting clients and supporting photographs.

Choose a trusted team also counts. Independence LED Lighting has Lighting Professionals with decades of experience and inside knowledge from manufacturing LEDs, plus our:
Architects and Engineers
LED Rebate Administrators
LED Account Managers
LED Logistics Specialists
LED Finance Experts

Our Pioneering Spirit: Moving our LED manufacturing from China to America in 2010 and expanding our US offerings with other top LEDs from across the marketplace

Multiple Industry Firsts: Largest LED retrofit in US history, first LED high rise, first LED retail store, first 10 year LED warranty, & more

More Money: Doubling LED Rebates by submitting Custom vs. Prescriptive applications

More Savings: LED Sensors and LED DeLamping strategies that yield high LED ROI and the lowest LED Total Cost of Ownership

Logistics: Proven results from audits to LED installations

Confidence: Ask for our LED Case Studies and References. See:

When it comes to choosing the right partner for an LED lighting retrofit or new construction, Independence LED is Your Enterprise Lighting Solutions Partner with American Made LED Manufacturing Experience and Insight. See: and the Solutions page is

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