Commercial LED Lighting Solutions from Elemental LED

Commercial LED Lighting Solutions from Elemental LED

Elemental LED,, has always been committed to superior customer service. To deliver the right commercial LED lighting to its corporate customers, Elemental LED offers business to business solutions that include on-site consulting and customized help to allow businesses to integrate this new technology. Elemental LED’s team of LED lighting project management experts collaborates with business owners and designers to create LED architectural lighting that meets the customer’s business needs while saving energy and looking great. No matter what your business model or your company’s particular lighting needs, whether you need to brighten up a board room or are considering retail LED lighting for a display, the Elemental LED team will be happy to partner with you to choose the right color, style, and fixtures of LED lights at the right price to reach your goals.

Elemental LED partnered with Sloan Bar, in San Francisco, to help them achieve their lighting goals and bring the interior designer’s vision to life. An on-site consultation and some discussions led to the implementation of a dynamic and elegantly simple solution that fit the space and the tone of the business. It added the right amount of dynamic lighting to perfectly complement the other aspects of the bar. This is indicative of Elemental LED’s approach to providing appropriate commercial LED lighting solutions. Extensive hands-on experience with LED lighting combined with a belief in the importance of meeting the customer’s needs and envisioned design in a reasonable time frame have resulted in numerous successful LED architectural lighting projects.

Elemental LED’s experts are available to help you come up with cost-effective LED solutions to meet your lighting needs with energy-efficient lighting, no matter how difficult or particular those needs may be. To learn more, please visit

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