Beautifully simple 12V glass LED filament lamp.

Beautifully simple 12V glass LED filament lamp.

This is one of my favourite 12V lamps so far. It has the simplest possible circuitry and would be perfect for implementing a whole house 12V lighting system that removed your reliance on external power for lighting, gave absolutely zero flicker lighting and with a suitable PWM dimmer, complete dimming from 0-100%.
Other things worthy of note. The simple circuitry means that the lamp will adjust its current according to the supply voltage and only put out its full power when a battery is being charged at around the 14V mark. As the voltage falls the intensity will reduce slightly and the current will drop progressively in a way that will protect a car battery from over discharge.

These lamps would also be great for running strings of E27 lamp holder festoon (a series of lamp holders punched onto continuous cable). You could run a decent number of lamps from a safe 12V supply, but would need to consider voltage drop for long runs.

Here’s a generic ebay search link which seems to show up better results in eBay UK :-
Target price is around £1.30 per lamp.

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