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When you’re designing outdoor landscape lighting, you want to make sure that your designs are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, because it doesn’t do you any good to have beautiful lighting if you still can’t use your outdoor rooms because they don’t work for you, your family, or your friends. Since lighting is so important, it’s often very cost-effective and beneficial to get help from outdoor lighting specialists. Before you make that call, here are some tips to get you thinking about what you want or need from your architectural outdoor lighting.Your look – are you interested in going with a natural look and feel to your outdoor rooms or are you into a more contemporary look? Or maybe you prefer something eclectic, using elements you love together in a nontraditional way. If you want to hark back to nature for your outdoor landscape lighting, go with soft lighting that echoes moonlight. Moonlight is like candlelight – universally flattering! Natural lighting puts the emphasis on your space, not on the lighting itself. This means that fixtures and hardware for natural-look architectural outdoor lighting should be hidden from view.Your architecture – are there distinctive features of your home or outdoor rooms that you want to highlight? Ask your outdoor lighting specialists about uplighting for a dramatic look. Spotlights or very intense beams of light can accentuate textured walls. Back lighting can also help accentuate certain features. Underwater lighting creates a striking and beautiful look for ponds or pools.Safety and security – entrances should be well-lit for guests and visitors, to create a welcoming and safe feel. Think about motion sensors or a fixture that turns on automatically at dusk and off automatically at dawn. Appropriately placed architectural outdoor lighting can also help eliminate shadows on areas of your house that might be more vulnerable to intruders.Pathways and driveways – you want people to move around without worrying that they’re walking on uneven or unsafe ground. Path lights on posts, or embedded pavers, provide a beautiful outdoor landscape lighting solution, and fixtures are offered in any style you fancy.Porches or decks – lighting on raised features is crucial. Safety concerns dictate that they be lighted, particularly at changes in elevation. Also important is the aesthetic appeal of the lighting. These outdoor rooms can be transformed into mini oases with the right architectural outdoor lighting. A soft glow can create a romantic atmosphere, while focused lights can give your porch or deck a more contemporary feel.Now, you’re ready to make that call to your outdoor lighting specialists, so they can take your design ideas and create something special for you!

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