An Automized LED Panel & Ceiling Light Factory in China | How Luminaires are Made for Top Brands

An Automized LED Panel & Ceiling Light Factory in China | How Luminaires are Made for Top Brands

Looking for a quality LED Panels & Ceiling Lights Factory in China? This video is for you!

Factory Asia team have visited MTC Lux (visit their website:, a reputable supplier that supports numerous well-known international brands by designing & manufacturing LED light sources and commercial lighting fixtures, such as LED panel lights, streetlight, highbay & ceiling lights, smart LED bulbs, shop lights, linear lights & tubes, as well as LED down lights, to name a few.

We walk you through their amazing automized production and thorough quality control procedures with over 35 different tests and show how this professional manufacturer controls production & quality in real time to keep track on efficiency & operations.

Get a look at this factory’s operations and production line to learn how quality LED light sources & lighting fixtures are made.

For the contact information of Shenzhen MTC Lux, please visit their website at


00:00 Opening
00:37 Introduction of the factory
01:28 Sample room
02:09 R&D department
02:35 Sample confirmation testing
03:27 Vertical supply chain
04:03 Key processes of production
08:16 Laboratory
09:56 Interview with CEO
13:10 Factory audit summary
14:12 Shenzhen MTC Lux contact information


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    For the contact details of MTC Lux, please visit

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    Iam working in LED light manufacturing factory. Deeply thanks for your video, thanks to this video I can learn a lot about the LED light production process. That is very helpful for me!