All about LED Dimming: Expert Analysis

All about LED Dimming: Expert Analysis

This video goes into detail what you need to know about 0-10V LED Dimming. In this video, Neil Peterson of LED Lighting Supply takes you through some of the most common concepts about dimming LED Fixtures so you choose the right option and get the results you’re expecting.

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Hi. This is Neil Peterson with LED Lighting Supply.

Today I’m going to talk about installing LEDs with the dimming switch.

First and foremost, you want to be using a licensed electrician, do not do it yourself.

You know, from a standpoint of the fixtures you can use, you can, you know, whether using a high bay, a linear or a canopy, you know, any type of indoor fixture that supports dimming can be put on a switch.

The only difference is compared to what you may be used to from fluorescent fixtures or A19 type line dimming.

The old style LEDs require a zero to ten volt or one to ten volt dimmers.

So you need to make sure you go and you get the proper dimmer.

Actually, I’ve been to Home Depot and Lowe’s.

You really can’t buy them there.

They only sell the line dimmers.

You really need to order them online from them.

So make sure you get one.

And again, the difference is where there are what’s called dimming lines
that are also run from fixture to fixture, they actually connect to the fixture.

So again, the fixtures can come on, their on, but then what the dimming lines do, the switch is actually talking to each fixture, telling it to dim down
as you push the slide down.

In the case where this one went off, this one stays on.

As I mentioned, there’s zero to ten volt and one to ten volt.

This fixture supports zero to ten volts, which means it will dim all the way to off, whereas this fixture is one to ten volt.

It’ll only dim down to the lowest level.

Then you have to actually physically shut it off.

So the switches allow you to do that.

So again, you want to make sure you have an electrical contractor, but that’s basically how dimming works.

And again, you could be using any of the fixtures So, you know, give one of our technicians call today if this is something you feel you need.

Again, where we find dimming is most applicable

You know, pole barn, if you’ve got a church rec room where you’re using it
both for some type of recreation and maybe meetings.

You know, during recreation, you may want it brighter, during meetings, you might want it lower.

That’s really where dimming fits in.

We rarely, if ever, find industrial locations or warehouse or commercial places that really need them.

Lots of time, they want them as bright as possible and they turn them on
and they turn them off.

So give us a call today and we’ll help you figure out what you need.

Have a great day.