Alarms, Safes, and Motion Sensor Lighting: 3 Security Purchases for New Homeowners


For most people, a house is the biggest purchase you will ever make. It’s also unique in that it is an investment: Houses are one of the few purchases you can make that actually go up in value over time, rather than down, enabling you to sell it for more than what you paid. Because of the importance of the purchase, and for the safety of your family, new homeowners should consider several purchases such as safes to protect against vandals, thieves, and intruders.Motion Sensor LightingA well-lit exterior is one of the best ways to deter a burglar, as it makes it harder to get in without being noticed by the neighbors. Unfortunately, many homes have poorly lit exteriors, which make them easy targets for break-ins. Therefore, one of the first things you should do as a new home owner is to assess the exterior lighting, and install motion sensor lighting wherever you see fit.Motion sensor lighting is useful because it comes on when motion is detected, hopefully surprising the burglar. In addition, the quick flash of an exterior light coming on may get your neighbors’ attention, deterring the criminal from trying again. Motion sensor lighting is great for the sides of your house, above the garage door, and in the backyard — anywhere you don’t normally want a bright light shining affecting you or your neighbors personal space, but where a burglar might attempt a break-in if they have the cover of darkness.Security SystemA security alarm is a good investment, because it will help to prevent intruders as well as burglary. If the home doesn’t already have a security system, get quotes from a few companies before choosing one. A good system should monitor more than just the doors; all of the ground level windows should definitely be monitored as well, as well as any second-story windows that are easy to get to or lead into rooms where there are many valuables (such as the master bedroom, a TV room, or a home office).There are also many features to consider when buying a security system for your new home. For instance, do you want a silent alarm so that the burglar does not know the police have been notified? Do you want the local police or fire department to be notified if the alarm is triggered? There are countless other options to choose from, as well, such as video monitoring and integrated smoke or fire alarms. And don’t forget to make sure the alarm company posts prominent signs near entry points, indicating that the home is protected by a security system.Home SafesIt is good to have a backup plan in order to protect your valuables in case your exterior lighting and security system do not deter a burglar. Safes provide an excellent place to keep your most important jewelry, documents, and other irreplaceable items. This is essentially your final attempt to protect the things you can least afford to lose.In order to be effective, a good safe should be bolted down. The burglar may not have time to try to open it right then, but they won’t hesitate to take it with them if they can. You may also want to invest in a fire resistant safe. These are designed to keep the interior temperature low enough that documents kept inside will not burn.Buying a new home is an exciting step. Whether you are buying your first home, moving to a new area, or trading up for a bigger or more luxurious home, you will want to ensure that your home is protected and your personal belongings locked up tight.

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