Adventure Van ~ Litom Solar Outdoor Motion Sensor LED Lights

Adventure Van ~ Litom Solar Outdoor Motion Sensor LED Lights

These Litom Solar Motion LED Lights are some impressive and bright little outdoor lights that I’m using as security lights for the Adventure Van. I have used them now for a couple of months and they have worked perfectly.

Here is the Amazon link for these Litom Solar LED Motion Lights,

There are 24 bright LED’s in this light. The motion sensor makes it perfect for security purposes. I glued magnets on the back and I leave it on the van 24/7. The light has 3 different modes plus an off switch. You can use these anywhere you need light or motion sensor lights. Let the sun charge them during the day. These Litom Solar Lights are weatherproof so no worries there. They are perfect for me when van camping just for the light and a little extra security while I sleep.

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