A New Look in LED High Bay Lighting

A New Look in LED High Bay Lighting

Designer high bay LED lights from ELEDLights.com are a whole new look in high bay lighting. These high bays do away with the traditional reflector and instead use lenses to control the light’s beam angle. Commercial-grade quality and IP65-rated for harsh environments, these lights are durable enough for industrial applications yet attractive enough for the retail and hospitality industries. High-lumen light output ranges from 13,500 lumens (120W) to 22,500 lumens (200W). These lights replace metal halide and other HID lighting of up to 600W using 1/3 of the power. They come standard with a 5-year warranty.

ELEDLights.com stocks 120-degree beam angle all-black models for immediate shipping: http://www.eledlights.com/led-lamps-by-type/high-bay-low-bay-led-lights.html

Or order your choice of housing colors, beam angles, and more from our design-your-own section: http://www.eledlights.com/led-lamps-by-type/design-your-own-compact-high-bay-lights.html

ELEDLights.com is a USA company offering quantity pricing discounts and free shipping on your first order.

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