9000 Lumens Solar Security Light / Solar Street Light by Endurance Lights

9000 Lumens Solar Security Light / Solar Street Light by Endurance Lights

Let’s look at this 9000 Lumens light which is the brightest solar security light that I have tested so far. This is technically a Solar Street light but I am sure most people will use it as a security light. Light up huge areas of your yard up to 625sqft with this 9000 Lumens light. This light is perfect for Rural properties, Parking areas, Pool areas, Patios, Tennis Courts, Commercial Areas, etc. It has a remote control so you can turn it on and off on command. It also has a motion sensor so you can select to have it come on when motion is detected. This 9000 Lumens light has 180 Super Bright LEDs and is Solar so that means 100% wire free application. NO WIRING needed for installation. Set up this light anywhere, any time, it’s that easy to install. I’ll show you everything in the video.

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  1. Dane King on January 26, 2023 at 10:32 pm

    I’d give it a 8/10. I’d really want the option of off till motion detected and be able to use the remote to manually turn on for a set amount of time