4.5W GU10 350 LED Spot Light from LED Hut

4.5W GU10 350 LED Spot Light from LED Hut

Exclusive to LED Hut, LUMiLife 4.5W GU10 LED light bulbs are the ideal energy-saving replacement for your traditional spotlights. With a distinctive white body and a semi-frosted lens finish, the 4.5 watt wide-beam GU10 is a recommended replacement for 50W halogen spots. A standard size and shape, it works seamlessly with your existing light fittings, so all you have to do is swap over for instant savings.

The LUMiLife 4.5W GU10 is available in three colours: cool white (ideal for bathrooms/kitchens); warm white (for bedrooms/living rooms) or daylight (for a natural feel anywhere in the home).

You can also opt for dimmable or non-dimmable GU10s — simply select from the menu buttons when ordering. LUMiLife have upgraded the dimming technology inside the spotlight which greatly improves dimming performance and compatibility with *3rd party dimmer switches. This means there is no need to change your existing dimmer switch.

LUMiLife 4.5W GU10 bulbs are made up of 24 Surface Mounted Diodes (SMDs).The high-power 5mm x 5mm (or 5050) microchips provide 350 lumens of the highest-quality light — and with a 120° reach, the 4.5W GU10 offers the widest beam of any SMD bulb on the market.

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