30mm Round Plinth Lights – Installation Guide

30mm Round Plinth Lights – Installation Guide

This is how to install a set of 30mm round LED plinth lights from Biard.

1.) First, mark the end of your plinth’s exposed area and gather it’s measurement in length.

2.) Then, divide your plinth into equal sections. For example, if you are installing 4 lights, divide your plinth into 5 sections to ensure even spacing for each light.

3.) Find and mark the centre of each section and mark where your light will sit.

4.) You will need a 30mm hole saw to drill through the marked section to create the exact hole for each plinth light to sit in.

5.) Fit the cables through the hole and secure the plinth light firmly into place.

6.) Make sure to tidy up any loose wires and fit the secure end cap onto your set of plinth lights.

7.) Once they are all in place, return your plinth into its original position and get ready to enjoy the benefits of stylish and efficient LED lighting in your kitchen, or wherever you may desire!

LED plinth lights from Biard are available in three different colour temperatures including cool white, warm white and blue.

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