15 Brands LED Headlight Bulb Shoot-Out! Which one's the best?

15 Brands LED Headlight Bulb Shoot-Out! Which one's the best?

Do you think all LED headlight bulbs are junk? Do you think they’re all the same? SOME ARE! But you’d be surprised at the output of others.
Our comprehensive LED headlight bulb shootout pits the best of the best available today in a controlled environment measuring lux, comparing color and lumen, and examining beam patterns to help YOU understand what you’re really buying!

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Let us know what kind of questions you have about the different styles of bulbs in the comments or email us at www.HeadlightRevolution.com

Guns in order of appearance:
1. Ruger SR22 .22 Handgun
2. Kimber Ultra Master Carry .45 Handgun
3. Taurus PT92 9mm Handgun
4. Keltec KSG 12 Gauge Shotgun
5. IWI Tavor .223/5.56 Rifle
6. Ruger 556 .223/5.56 Rifle

Bulbs In Order of Appearance:
1. Philips H11 LL 55w Halogen (#14 Brightest: 720 Max Lux)
2. Philips X-treme Vision LED (#12 Brightest: 950 Max Lux)
3. CHTOOLIGHT LED (Similar Construction to VLEDs SMZ) (#9 Brightest: 1,030 Max Lux)
4. Street Glow XHP50 / NINEO / Xtreme Vision / Glowteck LED (#2 Brightest:1,680 Max Lux)
5. Auxbeam F-16 LED (#6 Brightest: 1,250 Max Lux)
6. P6 / LED Concepts Axiom 45w LED (#4 Brightest: 1,580 Max Lux)
7. V.3 LED (#3 Brightest: 1,660 Max Lux)
8. Opt7 Flux Beam LED (#13 Brightest: 790 Max Lux)
9. Morimoto 2Stroke LED (#5 Brightest: 1,410 Max Lux)
10. Putco SilverLux LED (#7 Brightest: 1,150 Max Lux)
11. Kensun 60w CREE LED (#15 Brightest: 590 Max Lux)
12. GTR Lighting GEN 3 Ultra Series LED (#1 Brightest: 1,730 Max Lux)
13. Alibaba Ribbed Fin Heat Sink LED (#8 Brightest: 1,130 Max Lux)
14. Vehicode Gold Pro 100 LED (#10 Brightest: 1,010 Max Lux)
15. Auto Feel / Oracle / Super Bright LEDs Fanless LED (**Disqualified, estimated 1,100 Max Lux)
16. V.2 / Putco NiteLux LED (#11 Brightest: 1,005 Max Lux)

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